Industrial Automation

Make your work

More efficiency.
Less waste.

Prevent and reduce inefficiencies, cut costs, and make them predictable.

  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Reduce human errors.
  • Eliminate process inefficiencies.
  • Anticipate maintenance and avoid machine downtime.

More efficiency.
Increased revenue.

Boost productivity and process quality, maximize your profitability.

  • Optimize production processes.
  • Improve production speed.
  • Increase sales volumes.
  • Enhance workplace safety.

With BCA, you can do more.

Interconnect infrastructure, leverage the network and Industry 4.0 technologies.

  • Improve product and service quality.
  • Enhance demand forecasting.
  • Increase operational flexibility.
  • Support your decisions with analytical data.

Increase plant efficiency and optimize industrial processes.

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Ready for any challenge.

If it can be imagined, it can be achieved.









on demand

All the automation you need, when you need it.

Industrial robotics.

All the automation you need, when you need it.

We design and build machines capable of performing repetitive, complex, or precision tasks safely and efficiently. With BCA robotics, you can effectively increase the efficiency and safety of your business by executing complex processes at reduced costs.

Industrial handling.

Simplicity, effectiveness.

We design and build handling systems of any size and for every industry, capable of working autonomously and efficiently. With BCA, you can accelerate the logistic operational cycle, increase productivity, reduce costs, and boost revenue.

Industrial handling.

Simplicity, effectiveness.

We design and build handling systems of any size and for every industry, capable of working autonomously and efficiently. With BCA, you can accelerate the logistic operational cycle, increase productivity, reduce costs, and boost revenue.

Industry 4.0.

With BCA, the future becomes present.

Optimization! This is what we do. Through the automation of increasingly dynamic and interconnected processes. Finally, you can provide your company with greater operational autonomy through the use of robots, machine learning-powered performance, data-driven independent and predictive decision-making, autonomous learning of new processes, and access to the Italian Transition 4.0 plan (government funds).

Increase plant efficiency and optimize industrial processes.

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Progress takes the stage

Evolve, but in the right direction.


The allure of the future.

BCA is the only partner that can accompany you into the future with our own production robots, complete with motorization, mechanics, electronics, and software. We can be your sole point of reference or integrate with all major market vendors.


Nothing, absolutely nothing, is left to chance.

Flexibility and versatility, virtualization is more than a concept. Simulating first is better than risking later. With our proprietary software, RAW (ROBOT ANALYZER WIZARD), it is possible to simulate movements of industrial manipulator robots within your industrial processes.

Software safety.

The safety you lack.

We develop safety software for industrial machinery in compliance with current regulations. Thanks to BCA, you will be able to:

  • Create safety software for PLCs
  • Validate safety software
  • Test the safety functions of machinery
  • Verify operation on existing installations

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

All the metrics you need.

We measure the effectiveness of your plant through a percentage-based KPI index based on availability, efficiency, and quality. So that you can:

  • Retrieve information on improving your plant.
  • Produce well, quickly, and without downtime.
  • Identify losses.
  • Improve equipment productivity.
  • Eliminate waste.

Energy efficiency

Towards a sustainable future.

Through revamping activities (upgrades) of the infrastructure and with the help of our proprietary software, RAW (ROBOT ANALYZER WIZARD), we can optimize your plant to achieve significant energy savings in equipment and processes. You will thus obtain a double advantage:

  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Greater cost savings.

Preventive and/or predictive maintenance

Take control of your productivity.

Proactively identify the remaining time before a possible failure. “Preventively” through traditional scheduled maintenance and “predictively” through an IoT system capable of proactively analyzing emerging issues based on deductive analysis of collected data.
With BCA, you can:

  • Predict a failure well in advance.
  • Ensure production continuity.
  • Avoid costly and lengthy machine downtime.
  • Plan maintenance in advance.
  • Extend the life of your production line.


Progress offers new perspectives.

Sometimes it’s not about revolutionizing, but rather about renewing. In cases where replacing
the existing infrastructure is not feasible or economically unsustainable, you can opt for
a sustainable and non-invasive technological modernization. Specifically regarding the revamping or upgrade process:

  • There is no need to replace industrial installations.
  • It is possible to extend the lifespan of industrial installations.
  • The cost of modernization is lower compared to the cost of replacement.
  • It increases energy savings.
  • It raises safety standards.
  • It enables interconnection between machinery.
  • It makes outdated machinery more “intelligent.”

Surprising efficiency

Surprising assistance.

Working with us is incredibly straightforward.

Prevent the dispersion of managing multiple suppliers and rely on BCA as your sole reference for design, consulting, and production.

  • We detect.
  • We analyze.
  • We optimize.
  • We design.
  • We implement.
  • We install.
  • We monitor.
  • We support.
A team of talents.

Our staff consists of experienced engineers and technicians who pursue innovation as their professional mantra. We have strong and cross-functional expertise, consolidated over years of design and research:

  • Knowledge of network systems.
  • Knowledge of development environments.
  • Beta testing capabilities.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Electrical engineering expertise.
  • Electronic engineering expertise.
  • Computer engineering expertise.
  • Mathematical engineering expertise.
  • Mechanical engineering expertise.
  • Problem solving.
Always ON 24/7.

We always strive to be present and ready, thanks to our dedicated technical support service that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. With BCA, you will never feel alone.

A 360° System Integrator.

We integrate computer systems (even highly heterogeneous ones). We create unique, functional, and tailored IT environments for you. We ensure proper communication between different hardware and software devices and technologies.

Additionally, we guarantee business continuity and monitor the performance of integrated systems. We schedule maintenance interventions and identify suitable solutions for your specific needs.

We develop customized operator interfaces (compatible with tablets and smartphones).

We program PLCs (programmable logic controllers).

We program SCADA systems (distributed computer system for monitoring physical systems).

We design HMIs (human-machine interfaces for controlling physical equipment).

We implement Industry 4.0 (H&S technology that interconnects machinery).


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We have obtained important certifications.

CE (product conformity for Europe)

UL/CSA (certification for panels in North America and Canada)

KC (product conformity for South Korea)

We grow by helping our clients grow.

Our DNA drives us to grow and improve every day. Currently, we are present in:

  • Italy (branches in Monza, Cremona, and Como).
  • United States (branch in New Jersey).


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BcodeAutomation, Inc.

American headquarters

BCA has expanded its international presence by opening a branch in the United States.
The American headquarters is located in the state of New Jersey, allowing BCA to provide top-notch service to customers overseas, thanks to UL/CSA certifications.
With this expansion, BCA is now able to meet the needs of its clients worldwide.

Increase the efficiency of your installations and optimize industrial processes

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    Where to find us

    • Monza e Brianza

      Via Carlo Cattaneo, 9
      20851 Lissone (MB)

    • Como

      Via Cavour 2
      22074 Lomazzo (CO)

    • Cremona

      Via Dell’Innovazione Digitale 3
      26100 Cremona

    • New Jersey

      5 Cheryl Lane Boonton Township,
      NJ 07005, United States

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